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About Us

ChiroRx Chiropractic & Wellness Care exteriorChiroRx Chiropractic & Wellness Care was originally established by Dr. Alan Ottinger, who owned the clinic for many years. When he was ready to retire, he handed the reins to Dr. Phillip Berg and his wife Brittany, who took over in 2009. They make up a dynamic team of people who are ready to support you and your family’s health.

Our Purpose

We are here to help our community be healthier.

When you choose chiropractic, you’re making a decision to find natural ways to work with your body’s true potential for health. Though many come to chiropractic for pain relief, you’ll learn all about how it can enhance your wellness and make sure you can move and function well for years to come.

Feel Better, Heal Better, Move Better

Most people find their way to us when they’ve tried everything else. They’ve lost hope that anything will help them get better. Time and time again, we see these cases respond, even when other avenues have failed.

Because of these successes, we want to change the way people view chiropractic. Not as a last resort, after spending thousands of dollars on things that didn’t work. But as the first line of defense, knowing that chiropractic can give you the long-term health and longevity you want and deserve.

The Golden Rule

At all times, we keep your best interest in mind. We believe in treating people like we’d want to be treated, and how we would want someone to treat our mother, father, brother, sister or child. You’ll receive honest answers and our best effort. With our dedicated servant mentality, we strive to make sure you get the results you want with us.


Let’s Remove Any Uncertainty

We know there can be a fear factor when you’re considering going to a new doctor’s office. We invite you to come in, meet us and have a discussion about your concerns. We’ll do our very best to find you the right solution. If we think that your issue is beyond our scope of practice, we’ll guide you in the right direction to meet your needs. We’re simply here to help, whether it’s with chiropractic or by referring you to another practitioner.

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