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Meet Dr. Phillip Berg

Chiropractor Grand Forks, Dr. Philip BergDuring high school, Dr. Berg was active in football and track and field. He experienced some back issues and went to a medical doctor. After hours of waiting, the doctor didn’t even bother looking at his back. Instead, Dr. Berg left with a prescription for pain relievers. “I thought, “there has to be more to it than this.'” His mother recommended he see her chiropractor.

That experience was vastly different from the medical office. The chiropractor performed a thorough examination, then explained why the pain was occurring. The adjustment provided much-needed relief, and it sparked Dr. Berg’s interest in the chiropractic profession. From junior year on, he was set on his future path.

Helping Others Find True Health

Dr. Berg attended Northwestern Health Sciences University. He graduated in 2007 with a Doctor of Chiropractic. Though school gave him foundational knowledge, it was being in practice that gave him a deeper understanding of chiropractic. Being in practice, Dr. Berg saw time and time again that chiropractic can go beyond pain relief to help people maintain their health in the long term. “It’s astonished me over the years how routine chiropractic care can help people function better.”

A Passion for Chiropractic

“I love helping people feel better. I get a lot of enjoyment from connecting with my patients.” You’ll find Dr. Berg relatable, warm and down-to-earth. With his comfortable, communicative manner, you’ll feel that you can easily open up and talk to him.

Dr. Berg feels that it’s his purpose to support others in their health.

I was put here for a reason, and I’ve been led in a direction to fulfill that purpose. I have a passion to help people through chiropractic. You have to give to get, and I hope I give more than I receive.

Outside of the office, Dr. Berg and his wife, Brittany, stay busy with their four children.

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